What Are Italy’s Government’s Priorities for 2017?

What issues will Italy’s Paolo Gentiloni government prioritise in 2017? Here’s a list so we can all keep track of what’s going on. Think of it as Italy’s to do list. The issues are not dissimilar to those the former Matteo Renzi led government prioritised. This is no real surprise seeing as the Gentiloni government […]

Italian Politicians Are Experts, Except They Are not

Italy - the land of expert Italian politicians

Maybe the time has come for Italy to get rid of its expert politicians. After all, the track record of these self-proclaimed expert Italian politicians is not exactly brilliant. Far from it, as you will soon discover. Want examples? No problem, there are plenty. Note that the Italian politicians responsible for this mess sit on both […]

309 Reasons Why Mario Monti Could Fail


Last week, on Friday 13th, in Italy’s parliament, 309 of Italy’s MPs voted to save colleague Nicola Cosentino from arrest.  Cosentino is suspected of collusion with organized crime, which in Italy means mafia.  Cosentino denies any wrongdoing. Not only was the vote, in my judgement, unconstitutional as it clearly went against Article 3 of Italy’s […]

A Guide to Italy’s Seats of Power

Palazzo Montecitorio Rome - Italy's Parliament

For those with an interest in Italian politics (you masochists, you), gaining some idea of what is going on politically in Italy is no easy task at the best of times.  Making matters more complex are the names of certain government buildings which crop up with remarkable regularity in Italy’s newspapers and on Italy’s television […]

Italy’s Parliament: A Safe Haven for Criminals?

Will the Sun Set on La Dolce Vita?

Today Italy’s parliament voted against the arrest of one Marco Milanese, a member of parliament who Italy’s upholders of law and order would very much like to put away. Milanese stands accused of corruption, passing on state secrets, interfering with appointments within Italy’s Guardia di Finanza tax police, accepting gifts including a Ferrari, a boat, […]

Possible Second Swine Flu Death in Italy

Another Italian has, alas, fallen victim to the AH1N1 or swine flu virus. Unlike the previous death which had been caused perhaps indirectly by a swine flu infection, this time the female victim was apparently in a good state of health. UPDATE: See main post for details of a third suspected victim.

First Swine Flu Death in Italy

Sadly, someone has finally succumbed to the Swine flu virus in Italy. However, the person who died, a 51 year old man from Naples, did have a history of medical problems and was not in good health when he caught the H1N1 virus.

Swine Flu in Italy – Update 4

Up to yesterday afternoon, 16th June, and including 5 new cases, a total of 72 confirmed cases of swine flu have occurred in Italy.