A Curious Inconsistency

Don’t ask me why my odd little mind ended up considering this, but the fact remains that in Italian the word ‘giorno’ – day, is a ‘male’ word, whereas the word for week – ‘settimana’ is female. I’m sorry, but I don’t understand why this is the case. Italian is one of those languages, that, […]

The Innovative Mr Alberico and his Sports Centre

Here is another story of a ‘Good Italian Thing’ that I discovered while starting a new English course last week which is tied to a part-time master in Sports Business Management. As you might expect, many of the participants are ex-sportsmen and women, and they are a fascinating bunch of people too. A Chat With […]

Not a lot of people know this – Francesco Rutelli

Apparently, Francesco Rutelli, the present Italian Cultural Affairs minister, once replaced the Italian flag which flew at Palazzo Montecitorio with that of the Vatican. I have not been able to discover in exactly which year Rutelli did this mischievous act, but it was interesting to hear about it from my former wannabe Italian politician student. […]

Pasticceria Scarpato – Nice cakes, shame about the website

I won’t say how I found out about the site of Italian biscuit and cake maker, Scarpato, but I decided to check it out. Well, I do like Italian food and one of the aims of this blog is to do a little promotion of all things Italian. So, off I went to have a […]

Walter Veltroni – again.

Rob, over at his interesting bi-lingual blog, Wind Rose Hotel, has written a couple of posts on Veltroni, in Italian. In the first of his posts back in June last year, Rob observed that although Veltroni is no great orator, he does appear to be an effective communicator, and is possibly good enough to counter […]

Walter Veltroni – saviour, or same old, same old?

My brief profile of Walter Veltroni led to a couple of unexpected reactions. First, I received an email in Italian in support of the man, saying that he really is a great hope for Italy. And then, someone from Stateside asked, very nicely, how to contact Veltroni. No reason was given. I have to admit […]

Walter Veltroni – regurgitation?

There appears to be a new kid on the block – and it is one Walter Veltroni. I thought some of my readers may like to know a little more about this leader of the newly formed Italian Partitio Democratico – Democratic Party. Veltroni a former journalist who was editor-in-chief of the Italian left leaning […]

Italy has No Government…well, not quite

Cara Jo, a fellow blogger from over the pond, was a little disappointed to see that I had not written about Italy’s current state of non-government. Well, I’ve decided to attempt to explain the current political situation in Italy.

Italy from the Inside

Whilst hunting about on Technorati, I came across this blog – Italy from the Inside, and there is some interesting stuff there. It’s also written by an Italian Microsoft employee, in English. Yet more proof that a) Italian’s go places and b) they certainly can, and do, learn English. I shall be pointing my Media […]