Interview: Bill Emmott on Comatose Italy

bill emmott interview

For some, Bill Emmott will need no introduction. If, however, you are unaware who he is, Bill Emmott is a former editor of The Economist and was the narrator and co-author, with the director Annalisa Piras, of the Girlfriend in a Coma documentary film about Italy’s 20-year decline. The decline of Italy came to Emmott’s […]

An Interview with The Vatican at War Author, Philip Willan

The Vatican at War

Author, journalist and long time Italy resident Philip Willan recently sent me a copy of his new book: The Vatican at War: From Blackfriars Bridge to Buenos Aires. Willan also kindly agreed to answering a few questions about his book and my interview with him follows shortly. Personally, I found The Vatican at War fascinating, even if […]

A Conversation with Blood Washes Blood Author Frank Viviano

If you have read Blood Washes Blood, then like me you will probably be interested to know more about Frank Viviano, the man behind the book. Well, I had the opportunity to have a chat with Frank about his life and background, and here’s what I discovered. Bearing in mind Viviano’s Sicilian roots, the first […]

An Interview with Roberto De Vogli, Author of Progress or Collapse – Part 2

progress or collapse book

Here is part two of the Roberto De Vogli interview in which Italian De Vogli, author of Progess of Collapse, answers questions on climate change, whether the world can prevent its collapse, and talks about the probable causes of what could be leading the world in the wrong direction:  the greed creed and the market God. Roberto De […]

An Interview with Roberto De Vogli, Author of Progress or Collapse – Part 1

progress or collapse book

Here is part one of a two part interview with Roberto De Vogli, an academic, and the author of Progress or Collapse – the Crises of Market Greed, a controversial work which takes a look issues such as climate change, excessive consumerism and how they may very well be dangerous for the future of the world. I have read De Vogli’s work and […]

Interview: Guardian & Economist Journalist John Hooper

Rome Correspondent John Hooper

I’ve been reading Guardian and Economist journalist and Rome correspondent John Hooper’s articles on events in Italy for some time, then I found John Hooper tweeting on Twitter.

One day, John Hooper actually started following my newsfromitaly persona on Twitter, which meant I could send him a private message. Not that I thought he would agree, but ever hopeful, I fired off a private Tweet to ask him if he’d like to do an interview, albiet via email, for Much to my delight (and surprise), he kindly agreed.

Here is the result, and I hope you like the questions I posed to John Hooper, and I suspect you’ll find his responses interesting – I certainly did.