How to Find Postage Stamps in Italy

Postcards are easy to find in Italy, but not stamps

It’s a common enough scenario: you come to Italy on holiday stroke vacation, see the sights and want to send your friends and family a few postcards to tell them what a wonderful time you are having in beautiful Italy. But that’s when a minor though frustrating problem may arise – hence this how to post. […]

A Handy Map of Italy’s Wine Regions

One of Casamonti's Tuscan wines - L'Elogio

For your continued wine education, here’s another useful Italian wine resource from informative wine website Wine Folly. After the Visual Guide to 200 Wine Types, also by Wine Folly, here’s a map of Italy’s wine regions and the grapes which are grown in them. Abruzzo people would probably also like you to know that Pecorino variety grapes […]

Wine Education On Your Wall With These Great Posters

The Color of Wine

Learn about the joys of wine with these wine education posters. They’d make great gifts for Christmas and other special occasions too. For wine lovers, aside from being informative, these wine prints make ideal decorations – a kind of visual wine library, if you like. You could hang one or two in your kitchen for quick […]

A Handy Visual Guide to 200 Wine Types

Lucifer May Create Great Italian Wines

For your wine education, here’s an interesting and informative infographic from the fascinating Wine Folly website. Wine Folly is a wine website where you can find lots of down to earth non-wine snob polluted information on all things wine. The Wine Folly infographic organizes by taste and style almost 200 types of wine from wine regions from […]

Wine. Bottle? Or Bulk? – Which is Best?

Wine by the flagon, Great value - great taste !

A couple of weeks ago, I read a post on a wine social networking site which essentially poured scorn on the notion that decent, drinkable wine is available in anything other than a standard 75cl bottle. Wine boxes? Fine for picnics. Big 5-litre glass flagons? Or even worse, plastic jerry cans? Strictly for the impoverished […]

Places to Visit in Italy Map

On the map of Italy below, you’ll find links to posts on Italy Chronicles about attractions, places of interest, where to eat, museums, and much more all over Italy. Simply click on an icon on the map and then, to read more, click on the link within info box which will greet you. More places of interest […]

Train Derailed, Trentino Alto Adige in Italy

Today in the Merano area of the Trentino Alto Adige region of northern Italy a train was derailed at around 9am Italian time. The train was between Castelbello and Laces. The train left Malles at 8.20 am. Recent reports in the Italian press indicate that between 9 and 11 people have lost their lives. Around 30 passengers have been injured.

Warning: Cloned ATM Cards in Milan, Italy

Beware. ATM cards used in the ATM machine, or ‘bancomat’ as it is known here, of the Via Paolo Sarpi 64, Banca Intesa Sanpaolo branch in Milan, Italy, have been cloned.

Milan’s Ecopass On Holiday

Last year, Milan’s Ecopass congestion charge system took a summer vacation, and this year it’s the same. From Monday 3 to Friday 21 of August, the Ecopass system will not operate, meaning that motorists can access the Ecopass designated area without having to pay.