Italian Music: Try Fresh Cairobi’s Psychedelic Pop

Sorry, Cairobi is not some new and exotic Italian dish, instead it’s the musical evolution of VadoInMessico, a band with a multinational membership which includes two musical exiles from Italy: Giorgio Poti and Alessandro Marrosu. Cairobi bill themselves as a melodic blend of alternative, psychedelic, and pop and their sound is distinctly fresh and original, as I hope […]

Listen to the Cool Laid Back Music of Mr Alberto Lombardi

Alberto Lombardi is an Italian singer songwriter, guitarist, and producer. I found his melodic music laid back and highly listenable and will add him to my play list. Great guitar work too and I do love a well-played guitar! Here are a couple of tracks from Lombardi, both of which he sings in English. Lombardi’s […]

A Chance Meeting with DonnaKatya – Love on Tape

While I was hunting around for interesting Italian music to add to Italy Chronicles’ music section, I came across Love on Tape, a track by Italian singer DonnaKatya and her band, Superfeed. I liked what I heard and thought you might too. For your listening, and visual, pleasure, here’s DonnaKatya and the Superfeed’s debut music video: Love […]

Listen to Fishes by Italian Indie band Blue Willa

Blue Walla

Italian Indie art-rock band Blue Willa from Prato in Tuscany certainly have a distinctive, hard to define, sound. Have a listen to their music and see the video of Blue Willa track Fishes , then listen to some more of their music from the band’s album called Blue Willa. Blue Willa are Serena Altavilla, Mirko Maddaleno, […]

AmyCanBe Should Be Everywhere

Amycanbe live

Italian band AmyCanBe are no strangers to Italy Chronicles and it’s good to see the band’s track Everywhere is even being used as part of the soundtrack of a film called Acciaio – Steel – by Stefano Mordini. This Italian group which sings in English is going onwards and upwards! Check out Everywhere which I […]

AmyCanBe – Everywhere and Truth be Told

Amycanbe live

Italian indie band Amycanbe keeps getting better and better.  Everywhere and Truth be Told are two of the band’s more recent tracks – both are excellent. Unlike many Italian bands, Amycanbe sings mainly in English realizing that by doing so, it extends its appeal virtually a million fold. While music sung in Italian is popular […]

Italian Indie Music – Il Teatro degli Orrori – Io cerco te

Italian Indie Rock Band Il Teatro degli Orrori

This is the video to go with a new single by Italian Indie rock group – Il Teatro degli Orrori  – called Io cerco te, which is I’m looking for you in English. By the way, Io cerco te is sung in Italian and has been taken from a new album  – Il Mondo Nuovo […]

Italian Indie Music – The Band Avvolte

Avvolte - versatile Italian indie band

Being an, oldish rocker, I like a little rousing rock music from time to time. Not much has been written about the Italian indie scene on recently after Icelandic indie music expert Guðjón Ingi Sigurðarson left Italy to return to his homeland.

So, off I went onto the Italian web to track down something which was, er, music to my ears, and within a few Google searches, I’d found some fresh Italian brewed indie music for you to have a listen to.

The Italian indie band I tracked down; I think that is almost a pun; is called Avvolte and here are two tracks of theirs.

New OfeliaDorme Music Video

Italian band OfeliaDorme have sent me a new video of theirs for us all to watch. It’s the third in a recent series, and the band will be releasing a new album in January 2011. The OfeliaDorme track featured in the video is ‘This World’.