How to Boost Tourism to Italy

Recently, someone asked me how many Britons visited Tuscany. I said I’d see if I could find out. I did, but not after carrying out quite a bit of research and running a fiddly calculation. The number I came up with was little more than a rough estimation. I’ll explain what I did in another post. […]

Translating Italy Cost Effectively – An Idea

Frascarolo Castle

Via Twitter I came across the interesting Frascarolo castle near Pavia in northern Italy which also happens to house a farming museum. From the photographs, this museum appears to to crammed full of fascinating agricultural implements from yesteryear. I wouldn’t mind spending an afternoon there. Frascarolo castle’s farming museum even has a website except it looks as […]

This Would be Useful

Well, I’d find it handy. What I’d like my email client to do would be to automatically, when requested, recognise dates and times and add them to whatever calendar system I’m using. I’m always receiving emails with this sort of information.  I know that there is a plugin thing for Outlook, but I use Thunderbird, […]

Want to sort out the Neopolitan trash problem Mr Prodi?

Here’s a suggestion: 1. Send in the army. Get them to tidy up, placing all the mess in large trucks and transporting it to rubbish dumps in other parts of Italy. 2. While the soldiers are sorting out the mess, impose 9pm to 6am curfew, enforced by the army. Anyone caught out and about is […]

More on the super sausage search

My sausage seeking endeavours starting to bear fruit. After having estabilshed that importing bangers from Spain would cost a arm and a leg (c. £3000=00!! eek!), as I had suspected, I headed off down an alternative route. Today, I popped into a local butchers here in Milan which is a whole five minutes on foot […]