Anti-Flu Vaccine Jabs May Have Killed 19 in Italy

Italy’s RAI news service is carrying a story that three people in Italy, two in Sicily and one in Italy’s Molise region may have died after taking anti-influenza vaccines. The death toll has now risen from an inital three to eleven and now to 19 . However no link has yet been established between the […]

A Third of Italy’s Women Can’t Get No Sexual Satisfaction

Are Italy’s economic woes affecting those world renown Latin Lovers? Maybe. The findings of the Italian Society of Andrology and Sexual Medicine (SIAMS) seem to indicate this is the case if one reads between the lines of a recent article on the website of the Ansa news agency. It’s not only Italy’s women who are feeling dissatisfied […]

Map of Italy Showing Illegal Toxic Waste Dumping Areas

How toxic is that pizza?

After writing about Italy’s terrifying Triangle of Death, other areas of Italy in which toxic waste has been dumped have come to light. What follows is an infographic showing those areas of Italy in which toxic waste either has been dumped. So far, there are three areas: the Triangle of Death in Italy’s Campania region, […]

Italians Are Unhappy With Healthcare in Italy

Italians are cutting the amount they spend on healthcare according to the findings of the Sixth International Heathcare Barometer survey carried out by Europ Assistance, an international travel and healthcare provider. Europ Assistance interviewed 5,500 people in 10 nations, including Italy, for their survey. The key findings were: The economic crisis has affected healthcare consumption in Italy. […]

Italy’s Painfully Expensive Headache Pills

The price of headache pills in Italy is nothing short of extortionate.  A packet of 20 Aspirina 500mg aspirin based headache tablets can cost you as much as €4.50 in Italy’s pharmacies (€3.85 with a discount).  In the United Kingdom, you can buy a packet of 16 500mg paracetamol tablets for 39 Pence which is […]

Flu Hits Blog from Italy

Well, we’re not sure if it’s really the dreaded swine flue H1N1 virus, but my other half thinks it could well be. Whatever it is, this distinctly flu-like illness, has laid all three of us low.

Mesothelioma and Asbestosis in Italy

Around 1,200 cases of mesothelioma occur every year in Italy. Up until the end of the 1980s, Italy’s production of asbestos was second only to that of Russia. Asbestos was also used widely in Italy, until its use was banned in 1992.

Possible Second Swine Flu Death in Italy

Another Italian has, alas, fallen victim to the AH1N1 or swine flu virus. Unlike the previous death which had been caused perhaps indirectly by a swine flu infection, this time the female victim was apparently in a good state of health. UPDATE: See main post for details of a third suspected victim.

Swine Flu – A Fuss About Nothing?

Swine flu is causing concern at a worldwide level. Big scary words such as ‘pandemic’ are being used to describe its effects, and the posts I’ve written on the subject have attracted quite a bit of interest too. But why all the fuss?