Blog from Italy has become

Small modification, I know, but Google search no longer likes domain names without www before them, for some reason. In fact it was only showing “YOUR DOMAIN NAME” in the search area. Once I sussed out why, I went for the www. As to what effect this will have, I’m not sure.

No Quiz Winner Yet….

Hope those having a go are not having any problems. I know that the ‘mystery’ post is a little difficult to get to, but it can be found. And it does exist, honest! I’ve tested things and did manage to get to the page. I know from Google Analytics that people have been hunting around. […]

Another little project

Shortly, things are still at the development stage, I shall be launching another little website. This one will be all about businesses and young business people in Italy. It’ll be part blog, part magazine, and, I hope, will generate some networking. This new site will be mainly in English, but sections will also be in […]

Levi-Prodi blog gaggers extraordinaire

Yes, I was a bit slow on the uptake re the Levi Prodi attempts to censor bloggers attempts to tell it how it is with regard to the situation in Italy. But I am not all that surprised that there was something of a time lag between the information getting out and ending up in […]