A Google Search Achievement for BlogfromItaly.com in 2010

Brain Power in Italy

I guess this is an achievement even if to all intents and purposes this little site should not really have been able to do it, after all there are professional blogs run by teams of people who should be able to beat little old me.

What am I on about? Ranking! In the world wide web world people use the likes of Google to search for what they are after within the ocean of information which is contained in the world wide web.

Has Google Italy been Got At?

What an interesting question. I mean, would it be possible for someone working within Google Italy to manipulate the Googleplex’s search engine systems to the extent that the ranking of certain sites could be manipulated?

Registering Domain Names in Italy. Dot com or dot it?

Recently Carlos, after reading this post possibly, contacted me to ask whether Italian sites use the .com and .it domain names. This was an interesting question and oddly enough I had been looking at the Alexa statistics for Italy’s top 100 Internet sites recently and I noticed that both .com and .it domains are used […]

A Photographic Thought

Don’t you just love that ‘bokeh’ blurry background effect that photographers get? I do, not all the time, but used appropriately, it can create really memorable images. How do photographers create this blurred background thing? Quite simple really – it’s all down to having a very shallow depth of field, which is probably easier to […]

Using RSS – A Nice Video Explanation of How to Use RSS Feeds

This is a nice simple explanation of what RSS is. I shall be using this little video with my students. [youtube]http://youtube.com/watch?v=0klgLsSxGsU[/youtube] With thanks to the guys on the Common Craft site.And thanks to Juha Ylitalo over at his Juha Ylitalo Photography Blog for putting me onto this.

Italia.it isn’t

It was supposed to have been a shop window to Italy, a tourism web portal par excellence, but it has turned out to be a 7 million Euro white elephant. If you try to visit, www.italia.it, you won’t see too much. All I’ve been getting is server timeouts. Brutta figura time. UPDATED July 2009.

Adsense is Taking a Break

For some reason, Adsense is not receiving visitors at the moment (Jan 22 23:59 Italian time), so I can’t check whether anyone found any of the Google ads interesting today. Shame. I guess the problem will be resolved pretty soon, although the official Adsense blog does not say anything about scheduled down time or anything […]