A Fine Evening in Genoa

Visitors to Genoa’s old port area could be in for a little surprise, for the city’s authorities are cracking down on drinking in the street.

Escape from Christmas

Well, the plan was to spend Christmas with the Italian in-laws down in Genoa, and we did indeed manage to endure right up until the end of the Christmas day lunch. Then we high-tailed it back to Milan. A combination of dogs not getting on with one another, lively little son causing the downstairs neighbours […]

I’ve always admired this villa

This villa, which I have long admired, is situated alongside Corso Italia in Genova. This is the gatehouse: I’ve finally got round to photographing it. I know nothing about the place, but the gatehouse was not in a wonderful condition a couple of years ago. It may be a house, but then again it could […]