Italian Blood Boils in Mud Covered Genoa

As you may have heard, or read on Italy Chronicles, the northern Italian city of Genoa was hit by major flooding last Friday. The mud covered city is still in chaos this Monday and fears of further flooding remain high. Genoa’s citizens’s blood is boiling because the flood damage should not have been as bad as […]

Genoa Floods, Again

Today, Italy woke up to news that Genoa had flooded once again. Major flooding last caused chaos and the loss of eleven lives in the northern Italian coastal city of Genoa in November 2011. This time round, one life has been lost and the flooding may not be over yet as heavy rains continue to batter […]

Genoa Port Ship Crash Tragedy

Last night a 40,500 ton container ship crashed into and demolished a shipping control tower in the port of Genoa in northern Italy. The incident left 9 dead and 4 injured. The initial death toll was 3. The impact of the ship smashed the 55 meter (180 feet) high control tower to smithereens. 30 or so rescuers are […]

Black and White Boccadasse in Genoa

A black and white view of the charming Boccadasse harbor area in Genoa, Italy. Converted from color to black and white. Photograph by me, Alex Roe.

Man Behind Italy’s Natural Disasters

Once again Italy is being battered by heavy rain.  First it was the scenic Cinque Terre area of northern Italy to be hit by terrifying flash floods, areas of Tuscany suffered too. Then the nearby city of Genoa saw the worst flooding in recent years.  Yet these seemingly natural disasters are not always caused by […]

Genoa Floods

Photograph of Golden Light in Genoa, Italy

After the Cinque Terre area of Ligura in Italy suffered extensive damage caused by flash flooding, it’s the city of Genoa’s turn to be battered by torrential rains today. The rain has caused extensive flooding and loss of life.   The flood waters have reached the apartment block in Genoa in which my in-laws live […]

A Spider in Bed? This is Much Worse

An Italian Euscorpius italicus Scorpion

You probably don’t like finding a spider in bed. Well, imagine if that spider stings. Scorpions belong to the same family as spiders, except, as you might know, scorpions sting. Now, did you know that Italy has scorpions? No? Well it does and some of these little blighters like nothing more than to explore beds. […]

The Seaside Pleasures of Nervi, Near Genoa, Italy

Not far from the northern Italian coastal city of Genoa, lies the scenic seaside suburb of Nervi. As Genoa lover Di Mackey, and a few others know, sleepy little Nervi has its attractions. My other half is from Genoa, and first took me to Nervi long ago. I liked it, and you might too.

Wandering Woman Di Does Genova

Fellow blogger, photographer, and Kiwi, Di Mackey spent some time in Genova, Italy recently. Di does portrait shoots, and her fame has even spread as far as Italy.