Potty Cop Copped

A cannabis plant

This is the kind of story which will probably find its way into the comical Reuters’ Oddly Enough news columns.  An Italian carabinieri policeman was recently arrested for growing cannabis plants – in his police station!  Well, he grew the dope within the apartment he occupied on carabinieri premises.  What a bright button. Around seventeen […]

Anglitaliano – English Invades Italian

A guest post from someone who has noticed odd things happening to the ‘Italian’ language. Over to you Ainsley:

As a Northern 40-something-year-old Englishman, the four years I’ve spent learning Italian haven’t exactly been plain sailing (blame the British school system).

Hitler, Mussolini, and Berlusconi

During a theatrical representation based on George Orwell’s well known novel ‘Animal Farm’ which was held in a northern Italian school, a projector was used to show images of dictators through the ages.

Disco, Disco, Music, and an Old Problem

We have a slight problem where we live in Milan. There is a sort of disco which backs onto our apartment block and the volume of the music, and in particular the bass, can get rather disturbing at times. Five times a week, on average. Still, you can probably thank the disco music for its […]


Being from the UK, I am considered by Italians to be someone from an Anglo-Saxon culture. This makes me chuckle because for me ‘Anglo-Saxon’ sort of conjures up images of a people clad in fur and who rally to the war cries of a queen going by the name of Boadicea. Before anyone corrects me, […]

Search lights over Milan

I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but the night sky was lit up by around four searchlights on Sunday and Monday night. When I first saw these beams of light, I thought it was something to do with Ferrari winning the F1 championship, but I don’t know why the lights continued to shine on […]

The joys of being two

This is what happens when two year olds are left to eat alone, you may notice the absence of any spoon. That troublesome device was discarded. I took this photo today and thought it was fun. Our little monster is getting a real little handful. He charges around the place, laughing maniacally, demanding ice cream […]

Parking your car – Italian style and other little problems for motorists

While hanging about waiting for the bus to arrive this morning; I was on the way to the hospital where our little one is staying; I happened to notice this rather crookedly parked car, which also sported a nice dent on one of its wings. Well, as it happened, this car had not finished attempting […]

Behind bars

Nope, they haven’t sent me to jail, but when I have a look out of the window of the appartment, it feels a bit like being in one. You see there is a security grating thingy over each of the windows. You can open these things, but they are a pain and the key is […]