No Quiz Winner Yet….

Hope those having a go are not having any problems. I know that the ‘mystery’ post is a little difficult to get to, but it can be found. And it does exist, honest! I’ve tested things and did manage to get to the page. I know from Google Analytics that people have been hunting around. […]

First nine months with a dSLR

I’ve now had my Canon EOS 400d for around nine months, so I’ve decided to write a little about my dSLR experience so far. First of all, let me just say that I have not managed to dedicate a huge amount of time to my first foray into ‘real’ photography, although, having said that, I […]

Celtic Invasion of Milan

Well, almost. If you are in Milan this weekend, there is quite a nice ‘Celtic new year’ fair thing in Parco Sempione this Sunday. There are people in full costume and quite a few stalls were you can buy just about anything from dragons to swords for dragon slayers. A smattering of Roman soldiers are […]

This is fun!

Since I undertook the slight transformation of my little blog, I’ve begun to change too. I suppose you could say that I am becoming a sort of (very) informal journalist. And now I find that I’m on the look out for ‘stories’ that I think will be interesting or useful to write about in my […]

Zelig, Milan – Comedy Show in English TONIGHT

Whilst flicking through the pages of the Metro free newspaper on the way to work this morning, I noticed that Zelig a well know Italian cabaret venue, located at Viale Monza, 140, Milan (click on the address to go to the Platial Map), has ‘Culture Shock’, a comedy set written by English comic John Peter […]

The day I met the president.

Yes, it’s true, I met the president the other day, while I was watching rugby at the 4-4-2 pub here in Milan. However, as you may have guessed, the president I met was not the famous guy who runs the States from a big white house. Instead this president, one Massimiliano Natale, heads the Italian […]

Downhill fun

Time for another entry, seeing as the on-line supermarket seems to be off-line at the moment. It very nicely waited until I had shoved everything into the on-line shopping trolley and told it what time I wanted everything to turn up, and it suddenly took umbridge at the fact that I wanted to pay on-line. […]