Big or Small. They do it so Well! Medieval Festivals in Tuscany.

Having been twice to Volterra’s Medieval Festival (AD1398), and being on the point of going to Sansepolcro for the annual crossbow palio (against Gubbio), I am already amazed at how Tuscany (and Italy) “do” the past. Magnificent costumes, evocative atmospheres, enthusiasm and, above all, an obvious passion for tradition, history and community. Other Tuscan cities […]

Juicy Orange Fight in Ivrea

Anyone who has been in Italy for any length of time will know that the country is packed with traditions, festivals and fairs. Some celebrate food, others feature jousting competitions, and one even honours snakes.

Milano Jazzin’ Festival

From the 7 July (today) until the 7 August 2008, in Milan’s Arena Civica, the Milano Jazzin Festival is to be held. Some big names are going to be there.  Here is a list of some, along with the dates on which they can be seen in action: July 14 – Lenny Kravitz July 16 […]

Note For Your Diary: The 2008 Gigli Festival Nola

This year’s edition of the intriguing Nola Festival, which I wrote about in my Gigli Festival, Nola, Italy post, is just over a month away. The festival runs for the whole week from the 22 to the 29 June, 2008. In the event that you can’t manage to spend a whole week there, the best […]

Nola – the Lily Festival and callouses

I’ve been asking a few people I know about the Nola festival that I wrote about recently, and I’ve discovered that a friend of mine, who is a trainee lawyer, just happens to be registered with the bar in Nola. Small world. And this guy, Ciro, told me another nugget of interesting information about this popular festival.

Gigli Festival, Nola in Italy

Gaetano Salvo, who helps out with Blog from Italy, drew my attention to a particular festival that takes place annually in June in the town of Nola (click to see where Nola is), down near Naples in southern Italy.