North East Italy Drove Exports in 2014

According to Italy’s official statistics office, overall north eastern Italy led export growth in Italy in 2014. Italy’s Le Marche and Emilia-Romagna performed strongly. In the fourth quarter of 2014, compared to the previous July-September 2014 period, in seasonally-adjusted terms, exports in north East Italy were up by 3.7%; central Italy saw an increase of 1.6%, and the […]

Italy Exports – Congratulations to Puglia and Le Marche


While Italy’s economy is flagging overall, there are quite a number of very bright rays of light appearing on the export front. Not only that, but some of the good news comes from Italy’s oft maligned south. Figures recently released by Italy’s official statistics bureau, ISTAT show a noticeable growth in exports in the Italian regions of […]

Gallucci & Gilmour Now Looking in Northern Italy

Gallucci & Gilmour is a United Kingdom based company which specialises in selling Italian produce which it sources from smaller Italian companies in Italy’s south. Now, though, Gallucci & Gilmour is looking to Italy’s north to expand its offering. After I wrote about the company, Gallucci & Gilmour – Boxing Clever to Bring Great Italian Food […]

Italian Shoe Exports

After having a look at which Italian regions exported the most wine, this week, I’m going to take a look at another well known product coming from the ‘Made in Italy’ locker – Italian shoes, as about to be worn by President Barack Obama.

Italian Wine Stars

Italian Wine Exports by region - 2008 figures provisional

I spend a lot of time hunting around the world wide web. On this occasion, I was hunting information on tourism in Italy so I could respond to a reader who asked for details of the number of people who arrive in Italy by car or plane. I did not find was I was after, however, I did information on Italian wine exports.