Milan Expo 2015 – What To Expect


The Milan Expo is on until the end of October and here are a couple of videos to give you, if you’ll excuse the pun, a flavour of this foodie event extraordinaire. I’ve also included a few tips to help you get the most out of the Expo experience and maybe even save you a […]

Ten Popular Milan Travel Guides for Expo Visitors

Milan's Duomo Cathedral

If you are planning on visiting the 2015 Expo in Milan, then don’t miss out on the rest of this northern Italian city. And if you have time, head for Italy’s lakes too. On the subject of the Expo, expect long queues to get in, some trouble finding toilets but don’t miss reportedly fascinating Pavilion […]

Violence Mars 2015 Milan Expo Opening

For about an hour from around 4:30pm this afternoon in Milan, police fought running battles with molotov cocktail, stone, bottle, and firework hurling No-Expo and anti globalization protesters in the centre of the Italian city playing host to the 2015 Expo. While it’s not yet entirely clear, it seems peaceful May Day demonstrations in Milan […]

Milan Expo 2015 – Tickets Now Available!

Milan expo tickets - available now online

Advance ticket sales for the Milan 2015 Expo are now taking place. Hundreds have reportedly already been sold since the online Expo 2015 ticketing machine went live yesterday. Fixed date tickets for the first day of the Expo appear to have already sold out. Here’s information on Milan Expo 2015 ticket prices, where you can […]

Italy Attempts to Save Milan’s 2015 Expo


Will Milan’s 2015 Expo manage to open as planned? The answer is that nobody really knows. Investigations into a massive corruption scandal surrounding Expo 2015 construction works may still prevent Italy’s flagship event from going ahead. With less than a year to go, Italy is attempting to save face and sort out the mess. Italy’s recently appointed […]

Will Milan’s 2015 Expo Be Cancelled?


Preparatory works for Milan’s 2015 Expo are mired in a growing corruption scandal which risks bringing all Expo construction to a complete and total halt. This situation has become so bad, some are wondering whether the Expo event should be cancelled. It’s not as if Expo building works are at an advanced stage, anyway, far […]

Corruption Scandal Hits Milan Expo 2015 Preparations


The 2015 World Expo in Milan is supposed to showcase Italy’s wonderful products to the world. At present, it risks highlighting Italy’s huge corruption problems. Today, 7 people have been arrested in connection with the assignment of Expo building works contracts. Italian newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano is wondering whether the arrests herald the arrival of a […]

Getting fruity for Expo 2015 with Foody and Friends

Foody is the Milan 2015 Universal Exposition mascot. He’s supposed to bring good luck. That’s why he’s called a mascot. But Foody is also Italian. Things don’t always go as you’d expect them to in Italy. Foody may be failing in the expectations placed on him. All he’s managed to do so far is give […]

Splitting Italy

Umberto Bossi, the irascible leader of Italy’s Northern League party does not like Italy. I get the impression that he’d love to see a form of de-unification, and here’s how he could achieve his dream.