Expats in Italy – What Now After Brexit?

Italy flag

Well, Brexit is go. The outcome of the vote has shaken up Europe, if not the world, and this is just the beginning. How’s the Brexit going to affect United Kingdom Expats in Italy? There are 64,986 UK nationals in Italy. First, a little history. Before the Prodi government in Italy, Britons like me had to request […]

Living in Italy Pretty Depressing, Expat Survey Finds

Milan's Duomo Cathedral

Here are the findings of the Expat Insider 2015 Survey which reveals that Italy’s poor economy affects foreign residents living in Italy. Expats in Italy suffer from the ongoing economic crisis with incomes hardly high enough to cover daily expenses, the survey found. Italy’s ratings in the InterNations Expat Insider 2015 survey are quite unflattering: Italy rates […]

How to Find Property for Rent in Italy

Apartments are a great alternative to hotels

Maybe you are coming to Italy to work or study here for a while, in which case, you’ll need somewhere to live. If that’s the situation you are in, then this how-to guide should help you find property for rent in Italy using the web. Note that this is not a guide to holiday/vacation rentals. […]

Italy. Abruzzo. Love it or leave it.

Meet Italy Chronicles’ newest contributor, Denise Muir. Denise is going to tell you a little about herself and her sometimes rather strained on-off relationship with captivating but contradictory Italy. Over to you, Denise: Crazy contradictions. One thing’s for sure, if you’re an expat living in Italy like me, at one point or another you’ll have said […]

Moving to Italy? Then Plan Your Finances Carefully

The thought of moving to Italy to live the Mediterranean life is too much of a temptation for some people, myself included. You buy the house, and restructure it at your leisure. You take you time over deciding when to move permanently to Italy, or you just buy a house and book the first ticket […]

Tuscany’s Scottish Connection – Barga

Barga by H005

In his first post for Italy Chronicles, author David Wineman is going to tell you something about Barga, the hilltop down in Tuscany where he has made his home. What not many people know is that Barga has a strong connection to Scotland. Yes, the land of kilts, haggis and whisky. First of all, David will […]

Expats in Italy: The Top 3 Financial Concerns

Being an independent financial advisor who has visited many expats living in Italy, I think I can now say that all expats in Italy face more or less the same financial concerns, regardless of their nationalities, backgrounds or locations in Italy. In this post, I will run through the top 3 financial worries facing expats […]

Advice for Expats in Italy Seeking a Financial Adviser

If you are an expat in Italy and are seeking independent financial advice which complies with Italian standards, and you need advice in English, then asking questions to understand who you are about to work with and how they are regulated is essential. Any organization with which a financial adviser is working must be authorized […]

Meet Italy-Based Financial Planning Specialist Gareth Horsfall

Enchanting Italy

Gareth Horsfall has been living and working in Italy since 2004 where he’s been providing financial planning, tax and investment advice for expats in Italy. He also offers financial planning services to UK residents thinking of moving to Italy. Here’s more about Gareth in his own words: When I first arrived in Rome I was […]