New Florence Project – New York City and Florence Collaborative Art

The launch of the “New Florence Project” takes place on December 11 at 7 pm in Florence, Italy. Original artwork is to be exhibited from December 11-13 in Florence, Italy and there are also a number of admission-free supporting events open to everyone. The project is the result of collaboration between 16 New York City and Florence artists who have […]

Art Exhibtions at the Zamenhof Art Gallery in Milan

This post is dedicated to the art exhibitions organized by Milan’s Zamenhof Art Gallery either at the Zamenhof Gallery itself or at related art galleries. The most recent Zamenhof exhibitions will appear first. Milan’s Zamenhof Gallery specializes in contemporary Italian art and plays host to the work of artists from all over Italy and to […]

A Visit to the Affordable Art Fair, Milan 2012

Artist Paul Critchely Enjoying a Drop of Wine

Yesterday I spent an interesting afternoon at the Affordable Art fair in Milan where I met English artist Paul Critchley, his lovely wife Helen, and a few other people I’ve bumped into while checking out the art scene elsewhere in Milan. I even met former Blue Vertigo singer turned artist Andy who, it has to […]

Paul Critchley is coming to Milan

An Example of Paul Critchley's Art

Bodach of About Abruzzo would like to tell you something about an English artist resident in Italy.  Over to you Bodach. I’ll understand completely if your immediate reaction is something like: Who is Paul Critchley and why is he going to Milan?, plus, maybe, “Why should I care?”. So let me help you a little […]

Painting the Poems in Cortona

Because You Saw This Face And Painted It

Guest writer Victoria Smith takes a look at an exhibition in Tuscany which combines poetry and art: The exhibit of Edward Mayes, award-winning poet/scholar, and Alberto Alfonso, acclaimed architect/artist, represents a remarkable collaboration of friends. The exhibit is a testimony to the genius of two men who met and are inspired by life in Cortona, […]

Gaetano Fiore and Marco Post Morello at the Ferrara Biennial Art Exhibtion

Fiore at the Ferrara Biennial Art Exhibtion

Once again, I’m pleased to be able to report that recognition for the talent of Italian artist friend of mine Gaetano Fiore is increasing. Gaetano also tells me that has made a contribution to his visibility, as I had hoped. I’m pleased to announce that Fiore’s work is now on display as part of the ‘Dissolvenze Incrociate’ – biennial art exhibition in Ferrara.

Congratuations to Gaetano Fiore are in order, and credit also must go to Virgilio Patarini of Milan’s Zamenhof Gallery for his stirling efforts in helping increase the visibility of skilled but not yet well-known Italian artists and photographers, such as Marco Post Morello.