For the Sake of Our Children, Read the Book Progress or Collapse

progress or collapse book

Italian academic Roberto de Vogli seems to thinks the world has opted for a one way ticket towards collapse, or, in the words of the song, a highway to hell. He explains why in his provocatively entitled book: Progress or Collapse: The Crises of Market Greed. In de Vogli’s opinion, there is rather a lot of evidence to […]

Italy’s Killer Steelworks

Yesterday magistrates announced that a large section of the huge ILVA steel plant in Taranto in south Italy employing some 12,000 workers was to be seized, and thus closed, owing to very serious concerns over the health effects of pollution from the plant on the local population. In the last seven years, over 11,500 people in […]

Milan has Insight

On the streets of Milan, Italy hybrid cars, such as the Honda Insight and the Toyota Prius are becoming common sights.

Nevada Gambles on Green Power

I have mentioned before that Italy possesses cutting edge technology in the field of geo-thermal power generation. Here is an example of how Italy’s renewables know-how is going global.

Retenergie – Power By the People

Rai 3 Report investigative documentary series is superb. Last Sunday’s edition of the program carried a report into certain aspects of nuclear power generation which are kept far away from public eyes. Aspects such as high incidences of quite probably radiation related illnesses in areas around nuclear power generation plants.

Milan’s Ecopass Saga Continues

Pollution levels in Milan continue to remain high, and PM10 levels are worrying, despite an attempt by the Milan city authorities to bring traffic pollution levels down through the introduction of the Ecopass congestion charging system.

Electric cars

I’ve just been reading about electric vehicles, which just might be a way of cooling down global warming before hydrogen powered vehicles finally come on stream. There are two interesting companies: Tesla Motors, which is about to release a two-seater sports car – powered by electricity, capable of sprinting from 0-60mph in 4 seconds and […]