I’m a Virtual MEP

A week or so ago I got an email through this blog from a certain Jonty who, I think, goes to Shrewsbury school.  Shrewsbury school, if you did not know, and those outside of the UK probably will not know, is one of England’s oldest public schools.  I should perhaps explain that ‘public’ schools in […]

442 Pub Milan – New Banner

Down at my favourite watering hole there is a curious new flag with ‘Four Four Two, Milan’ on it. Although this flag, which can been seen on Facebook, appears to be English – red cross on a white background, not the Union Jack, interestingly enough, it is the flag of Milan. I have no idea […]

Is it raining in Spain?

Nope? Well, it is tipping it down here in not so sunny Milan today.  Just as well really, it hardly ever seems to rain here these days.  In fact, oddly enough the north of Italy has been suffering from a water shortage, whereas the normally drier south seems to have plenty of H2O.   When I […]

Worrying times for parents

I read this article on the web today. Makes you wonder in just which direction the world is going. If you read the item you will see that it is about a group of kids, 11 and 12 year olds, who tried to hang, or so it would seem, a five year old. What I […]