That Uncertain Italian Referendum

The upcoming Italian referendum is causing considerable kerfuffle here in Italy. The voices of the for and against factions are growing ever louder as the December date of the constitutional reform referendum nears. Opposition to Italy’s constitutional reforms is basically two fold. Some question the substance of the reform, while others wonder what lies behind. Of […]

Electoral Reform for Italy Has Stalled

Heading in a better direction?

After a period of feverish activity, the Renzi led government’s attempts to sort out new election law reforms for Italy appear to have stalled. Berlusconi man Renato Brunetta demanded that the reforms be passed before Easter. Easter has now passed and no electoral law reform is to be seen. Italy desperately needs changes to its […]

Electoral Reform for Italy Passes First Hurdle

Italy’s parliament is slowly hammering out the details of new election rules. Today, the election law changes were voted through Italy’s lower house. Now the details of what has come to be known as the Italicum electoral system in Italy will be examined by Italy’s upper house, the senate. If the senate approves the electoral […]

Post-Election Italy: A Tale of Unexpected Resurgence and Inexorable Decline

The view of an Italian on the outcome of Italy’s 2013 elections.   As an Italian, I remember some years ago I became quite indignant when, commenting on the 2008 electoral victory of Berlusconi, an Irish friend of mine sharply remarked that “every nation has the government it deserves”. I retorted that I did not […]

Results: Italy Elections 2013

Heading in a better direction?

Well, the result is, er, no conclusive result. No single political party or coalition earned enough votes to form a working majority and it’s not looking as if the three main groups, the Bersani and Berlusconi coalitions and Beppe Grillo’s Five Star Movement group are likely to want to jump into bed with one another […]

Italy Elections 2013 – Exit Poll Results and Forecasts

An Election Poster in Italy

Elections 2013: 23:38 – Only a few more votes to come in and it’s looking as if Berlusconi’s coalition might just overtake Bersani’s center-left coalition in Italy’s lower house. Regardless of the end result, Italy is not going to end up with a stable government. Europe and the world are shuddering. Count nearly over. It’s […]

Italy Votes

Who will win Italy’s elections? That is what everyone wants to know, but the outcome will not be clear until much later on this Monday. Italy’s elections are almost over. Now everyone in Italy and elsewhere is waiting with baited breath for the outcome. The results of Italy’s general elections are regarded as being significant […]

Helping Italians Decide Who to Vote For – Voi Siete Qui

Who I should vote for

The OpenPolis voter orientation system Voi Siete Qui – You Are Here – system is now live and has been so for almost a week.  So far, more than 343,000 Italians have used the system to help them understand who they should vote for. Admittedly, the Voi Siete Qui system may have attracted a few […]

No Ordinary Election for Italy

An Election Poster in Italy

Next weekend Italy votes. This is no ordinary election, and even if many Italians may not realize it, nor care, many from beyond Italy’s borders will be waiting with baited breath for the outcome. The shadow of Berlusconi looms large, but there are newcomers too, such as Beppe Grillo and his 5 Star Movement, and then […]