Cracking Down: the Rom Problem, illegal Immigration, and Crime

Recently the news here in Italy has been carrying reports on what amounts to a crack down on the Rom or gypsies who occupy sites in most of the major cities around the peninsula. If you’d like the know a little about the difference between Rom and Romanian, then click on the link to a […]

Daylight Robbery

A friend of ours fell victim to the wandering Rom boys yesterday. She lost her purse and fifty Euros. Luckily there was no important documentation in the purse at the time. The Rom boys, generally from one of the Gypsy camps on the outskirts of Milan, often hunt in packs and pick on women and […]

Mugging in Milan

This post has been updated to make it more accurate – Alex Roe, 22.02.1008. I was rather worried to learn from the guy I work with that he had been mugged a couple of weeks back. As if mugging in any circumstances were not bad enough, this case is worse. You see, this guy was […]

Never a Dull Moment

Slow of the mark as usual – I did not hear or see the news until latish today. Shame, because the headline today was a real corker. The, er, Minister of Justice, one Clemente Mastella resigned, albeit momentarily, today. Apparently the, er, Justice Minister, and, wait for it, his wife, are under investigation for corruption. […]

Will it always be Christmas in Milan?

It’s not just me, there are more Christmas lights than ever before here in Milan. Apparently the reason behind this festive splurge on pretty lights is rising crime levels in the city and some kind of pact the city’s politicos have made with the residents. Well lit streets reduce the probability of people ending up […]

Rom or Romanian?

As I wrote a few days back, Italy has taken measures to extradite European Union citizens who have been involved in criminal activities here. The Italian law enforcement spotlight has been shining heavily on those from Romania, and the police have been rounding up Romanians by the dozen in preparation for having them sent back […]

Not a good time to be a Romanian in Italy

A few years back, those from Albania were regarded as undisirables by Italy. Now, and perhaps a little ironically, people from Romania have become targeted as being unwanted immigrants into Italy. Recently, a Romanian man was charged with the brutal rape and robbery of an Italian woman down in Rome, sadly the woman concerned has […]