Too Much Power?

Italy decided to put battle dress clad troops on its streets to help maintain law and order just before the summer this year.

Aside from a few soldiers hovering around Milan’s central station, I had yet to see much evidence of the military on the streets here in Milan, until recently.

Business Revolts Against the Mafia in Palermo

Don’t pay the pizzo man’ is the message being sent out to businesses down in sunny Sicily.

First medium sized and large businesses started to refuse to pay the Sicilian mafia’s informal business tax, know as the ‘pizzo’. Now it seems, others are jumping on the bandwagon.

Free Camping in Italy

The incidents concerning attacks on German and Dutch tourists in Italy are sweeping the world, and these appalling happenings have been handled rather insensitively by the Italian authorities, as a read of the post on Beppe Grillo’s blog will tell you.

Recent Italian News Roundup

Well, I’m back here in Milan after my short and not particularly holiday like trip down to Genova. Anyway, I’ll resist boring you with the details and recount some much more interesting items which have been mentioned in the Italian news. Soldiers on the Streets Despite the fact that Italy, with the exception of a […]

More Proof that the UK is Sicker than Italy

The Great British Bulldog has heart problems. After writing a post entitled The UK is Sicker than Italy, alas, I then read of this recent and particularly horrific crime in the UK. The title of the BBC story says it all ‘Horror descends on quiet street‘. The story seems to indicate that the do gooders […]

Old Tricks

Berlusconi is up to his old tricks once more, and the stability of the current Italian government means he can do just about what he likes. In his latest ‘furbo‘ move, and on the pretext of reducing the admittedly snails pace sloth of the Italian courts, the Berlusconi government is trying to introduce a piece […]

Italy – From Bad, to Much Worse

It’s been an eventful but tragic week in Italy, but it looks as though things here are going to go from bad to worse, much worse. Work Related Deaths Quite a number of people have, alas, lost their lives at work this week. First, there was an incident in Sicily which led to the death […]

Telephone Tapping Extravaganza

In some ways, one can almost understand why Berlusco and Co want to reduce the level of telephone tapping which goes on in the Living Museum. Well, I can now, after having heard the number phone tapping operations  which took place during 2007 in Italy on the news this evening. Over in the CIA, FBI, […]

The complex Complex – The San Raffaelle, Milan

Those who live in Milan will know that the San Raffaelle is a huge hospital complex which sits on the doorstep of the Milano 2 residential area, which, incidentally, one Silvio Berlusconi created. Well, the staff of part of this complex have been in the news here recently, and two senior doctors, working in a […]