An Arresting Five Star Victory for Italy

In the real world, someone the police want to charge with criminal association, money laundering, embezzlement and fraud would be arrested in a flash. Not in Italy. And especially not if you are a cosseted Italian politician and member of parliament. Before politicians in Italy can be arrested, Italy’s parliament has to go through the […]

The Offer Antonio Ingroia Cannot Refuse

Those of you who read Italy Chronicles from outside of Italy have probably never heard of the Italian magistrate Antonio Ingroia.  If this is the case, you will not have heard Ingroia has recently been made an offer he cannot refuse. In Italy though, and especially in Palermo, Sicily, Antonio Ingroia is quite well known and […]

Profiting from 32 Deaths – Costa Concordia Tragedy

The Costa Concordia Tragedy

The Costa Concordia cruise ship incident claimed the lives of 32 innocent people.  The captain of the ship, one Franscesco Schettino is likely to face charges of multiple homicide, failing to assist the victims, abandoning his ship and failing to communicate with maritime authorities.  Such grave accusations are not stopping the good captain Schettino from profiting […]

Men Killing Women in Italy

Since the start of 2012, sixty three women in Italy have been murdered by husbands and spurned lovers.  That is one death every three days.  128 women were killed in Italy in 2011. Sadly, it was clear from fairly early stages that many of the situations involving men harassing women would end in tragedy. Italy’s […]

Italy Has One Million Invisible Homes

There's a Italian City Here. Honest!

The clampdown on fiddles in Italy is producing some remarkable results.  How about discovering that more than one million homes in Italy are invisible?  No, it is not April 1st! Presumably inhibited by millions of invisible Italians, these invisible homes have been identified from satellite images by officials trying to sort out Italy’s cadaster – […]

Amanda Knox Supported by Silvio Berlusconi


Amanda Knox, an American student in Perugia, her then boyfriend, an Italian Raffaele Solecito, and Rudy Guede were convicted of the murder of English student Meridith Kercher in a case which has sparked seemingly endless controversy. Now, even Italy’s Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has become involved. Many in the United States of America are unhappy […]

Reverse Money Laundering

Clean or Dirty Money?

I was chatting to a journalist friend of mine at Il Sole 24 Ore the other day. Said journalist, Stefano Elli, specializes in investigating financial crime and he’s told me about some of the goings on in Italy he’s been looking into – plots and counter plots, schemes and more, but the latest phenomenon which […]

Corruption and Extortion in Italian

Those of you who are not Italian, but read Italian newspapers, will often come across the words ‘corruzione’ and ‘concussione’. Do you know what ‘concussione’ means?