Looking for an Espresso Machine which Won’t Break the Bank?

If you are thinking about getting an espresso machine so you can make espressos and cappuccinos at home, then the De’Longhi EC155 Espresso and Cappuccino Maker may be just what you are looking for. Or perhaps it’d make an interesting Christmas present for a coffee loving friend, well it’s the time of year when we […]

Lavazza is the Most popular Italian Coffee

Which Italian coffees are popular on Amazon.com at the moment? Well, off I went to Amazon.com to find out. Italian coffee roaster, and household name on Italy, Lavazza occupies all the top spots on this top 5 list. Here is the list of the top five most popular genuine Italian coffee blends on Amazon at the moment: […]

Best Selling Italian Coffee Top 10

Here is the May 2012 Italian coffee Top Ten compiled from Amazon.com. As you will discover, Italian coffee roaster Lavazza is still dominating the Italian coffee top ten.  Indeed Lavazza coffee now occupies nine of the ten spots.  The last time I compiled this list, back in September 2011, Lavazza was in eight of the […]

Best Selling Italian Coffee – The Top Ten List

Best selling Lavazza Crema Gusto Coffee

I was curious to see whether the best selling Italian coffee at the top of my previous best selling Italian coffee list was still selling well. You can find answer below in the best selling Italian coffee top ten list which has been updated for 2017. As from 2017, there are now two lists: one for ground Italian […]

Best Selling Italian Coffee

Best Selling Lavazza Italian coffee

I thought it would be interesting for everybody discover what the best selling Italian coffee is on Amazon.com, so off I went on an Italian coffee hunt. The list only contains coffees genuinely roasted in Italy. Here’s what I noticed from the list: Lavazza coffee blends occupy the top seven spots. Illy Caffe is the only […]

Italian Design classic – The Italian Coffee machine

A Gaggia Espresso Machine

Coffee: Caffe, Caffe’ Americano. Caffe’ Corretto. Caffe’ Freddo. Caffe’ Latte, Caffe’ Macchiato, Cappuccino – in Italy there is a coffee drink specifically for every time and mood. Beautifully designed machines made by companies such as Gaggia, Pavoni, Brasilia, and Faema offer a great caffeine fix.

Cappucino art

In some bars here the barmen and women – they are mainly male – create images on the frothy surface of cappucinos. These images can be hearts, leaves or anything else the cappucino artist is capable of. I don’t know exactly how they create these fleeting images, but they do and it is a nice […]