The Pope Excommunicates the Mafia


Last weekend, addressing a crowd of over 200,000, Pope Francis told mafia members that they embrace evil and that they will be excommunicated. In the battle to rid Italy of the mafia scourge, the significance of the Pope’s words are not to be underestimated. “The ‘ndrangheta is worship of evil and contempt for the common good,”…” that is bad…”…”and […]

The Frightening Rogue of the Week: The Anonymous Cardinal

Within the group of cardinals sending out smoke signals from the Sistine chapel in Rome, Italy, lurks a cardinal who recently justified paedophilia as a phenomenon which is physiological and inevitable. The name of the cardinal who seems to think paedophilia is inevitable remains unknown, and will probably remain so. That a gentleman with such an […]

Water and Light

Not sure just where this is, but it is definitely in Italy somewhere.

Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore, Bergamo

That the Roman Catholic Church paid a fundamental role in the evolution of Italy can be seen from the often opulent decoration of the churches which litter this country.

The Vatican is Anti-Berlusconi!

Yep, it’s official, well almost. There have been quite a number of news stories about the new 21st century sins that the dear old Vatican has come up with. And here they are, the sins, that is, in no particular order, at least I don’t believe so: Environmental pollution – Change you car – or […]