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Listen to Italian Christmas music this Festive Season

If you’d like to add a little interest to this coming festive season, why not fill the atmosphere of your home, office or even Italian eatery with Italian Christmas music? Or music for Chritmas sung by Italians, maybe? If this idea appeals to you, then this post is for you! Some good Christmas gift inspiration […]

I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas – Sung in Italian

The Christmas classic I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas has been covered by a few Italian singers over the years. While some Italian artists have stuck with the English version a few others, such as Irene Grandi have translated the lyrics into Italian for their fans. Bing Crosby’s version is the best selling single of all […]

Discover the Christmas Cake of Abruzzo – Parrozzo

Italy’s cuisine never ceases to amaze me!  Christmas, as you will know and if you celebrate it, is coming.  This means that out come all the Christmas favorites, and in Italy just about every single one of Italy’s twenty regions has its favorites. Take, for example, Abruzzo which has its very own Christmas cake.  The […]

Christmas Songs in Italian

Christmas in Italy

Test your comprehension of Italian with these Christmas songs some of which are sung by children in Italian. If you can understand the words, your Italian is coming along fine! The Christmas songs sung in Italian are versions well known Christmas music which I’m sure you’ll recognize. I’ve no doubt my young son will be singing at […]

Italians Cut Back on Christmas Spending in Italy 2011

A Christmas Market in Milan, Italy

While Christmas is not, perhaps, the best of economic indicators, spending at this time of year does say a lot about the mood of countries in which Christmas is celebrated.  Healthy Christmas spending indicates optimism.  A fall in spending during the festive season invariably indicates uncertainly over the future.  Guess what the situation is in […]

New Year’s Traditions in Italy

Seafood Soup for the New Year in Italy

Christmas and New Year in Italy are a huge excuse for Italians to push the boat out and eat lots of food and sample plenty of drink too. But gastronomic delights are only part of the story.

As you may know, Italy is a land which is rich in traditions which vary from region to region and from city to city. At New Year though many of what goes on is common to most of Italy, although it would take ages to list all the combinations of food and wine which will end up on Italian New Year tables this evening.

The Gift of Italian Coffee – Italian Espresso Makers

A Modern Espresso Machine

There’s nothing quite like a good cup of Italian espresso coffee, as aficionados will know. The trouble is making a good cup of Italian coffee. Undoubtedly the best place to find good coffee is in a coffee bar in Italy. However coming all the way to Italy for a cup of coffee is not really that practical, as I am sure you will agree. Why not get hold of an Italian espresso maker then?