Italian Chickens Lay Chocolate Eggs

Professor Calogero Pollino of Pavia University’sGenetics and Microbiology department revealed that experiments on chickens had an unusual side effect: chickens laying chocolate eggs. “We were trying to improve the egg laying efficiency of chickens when one of them laid an unusually dark brown colored egg. When when cracked it open, the interior was also dark […]

How to Make Italian Style Thick Hot Chocolate

Having recently written about the joys of Italy’s thick and creamy hot chocolate drink, reader Yetta has kindly provided a recipe so you can make this beverage at home. Yetta got the recipe from an Italian friend so the result should be authentic and she (?) tells me it works well. The process is pretty simple too […]

When in Italy, You Must Try a Hot Chocolate or Three

Before I came to Italy, I had not tried Italian style hot chocolate. Now though, I have and have tried thick Italian hot chocolate often topped with ‘panna montata’ whipped cream more than a few times. Hot chocolate Italian style is not the watery though pleasant drink I was used to in the United Kingdom. […]

Chocolate: The Food of the Gods

chocolate santa in barga

Last weekend, Barga hosted its 8th “Barga Cioccolata” chocolate fair in its historic centre.  It’s only a small event; almost intimate one could say, but it’s ours. Barga chocolate could never aspire to equal other such events that take place in many towns throughout Italy, but it’s quirky and interesting and certainly satisfies a craving that […]

World Caffarel Day 2009

Caffarel produces an alternative choco-hazelnut spread to that most famous of all choco-nut spreads: Nutella. I think Caffarel’s upmarket choco-nut cream is better than Nutella, as I’ve mentioned before.

Chocolate pasta

I forgot to mention that at the Paolo Sarpi street fair we picked up a bag of ‘cocoa’ flavoured pasta.  It’s brown, as you would expect and is real pasta, not just chocolate dressed up to look like pasta. We have not tried it yet, but apparently it goes very will with ‘salsa di noci’, […]