Super Cute! Italian Kids Sing Who’s Afraid of the Dark

I caught this by chance on the television this evening and thought it was lovely. The song Chi ha paura del buio? – Who’s Afraid of the Dark? – is a duet sung by 4 year old Edoardo Barchi and 9 year old Alessia Chianese. Accompanying Barchi and Chianese are the Piccolo Coro dell’ Antoniano Children’s Choir. The song […]

Grey Days

As I write this, the rain is lashing down here in not so sunny Milan. Funny weather for Italy, especially in June when it is usually hot enough to make you start digging out the remote controls for the air conditioning system, if you are lucky enough to have one. Weather wise its been an […]

I was going to post a few photos

But I can’t. I did want to show you some photos of a little event I went to today which is being held at Milan’s Triennale exhibition centre. This event is for 2 to 6 year old children and is called ‘Vietato Non Toccare‘ – information in Italian. ‘Non toccare’ is ‘Do not touch’, and […]

Clever Son and Crafty Dog

My son continues to surprise us. For a 4.5 year old he has quite a devious mind. Just today after I had picked the light blighter up from school, we stopped off in a bar, or rather we were induced into entering the bat. I was with the mother of one of his friends, and […]

Bribery, corruption, and blackmail

Yes, alas, I have to admit that both my other half and myself are guilty.  Everyday, often several times a day, we find ourselves having to use bribes, corruption and blackmail to get things done.  It’s our own fault, although I believe my Italian other half may have started us down this slippery slope.  Well, […]

Celtic Invasion of Milan

Well, almost. If you are in Milan this weekend, there is quite a nice ‘Celtic new year’ fair thing in Parco Sempione this Sunday. There are people in full costume and quite a few stalls were you can buy just about anything from dragons to swords for dragon slayers. A smattering of Roman soldiers are […]

Trip to the hosptial

Yep, we went to the Regina Elena clinic in Milan today to see one Professoressa Marchisio, an expert on infections of the respiratory tracts in children, in order to hear the results of our little one’s recent, and now, routine blood test.

Strikes and school blogs

On Friday it was the turn of the Milanese transport staff to do one of their morning and evening strikes, although afternoon part seemed to have been cancelled. Today, it’s the turn of those who supply school dinners which meant that our wee one had to be given a packed lunch.  Not a problem, we […]