Oligiano – Get Olive Oil and Parmesan Cheese Delivered to You

real parmesan cheese

If you’ve never tried real parmesan or Parmigiano Reggiano, as Italians would prefer you to call it, you are probably missing out. Real parmesan cheese is delicious. It’s also very versatile too – you can use it in your cooking, sprinkle it over pasta or simply eat it on its own like any other cheese. […]

Cheesy Gastronomic Surprises in Italy

Gignese Council Hall, Italy

Yes, yes, I know the word ‘cheesy’ has a couple of meanings – one of which is negative, but, I assure you, the ‘cheesy’ surprises in this case did actually related to surprisingly good Italian Toma cheeses. I genuinely believe it would take a lifetime, perhaps two, to discover the all tasty treasures Italy has […]

Italy’s Mozzarella Cheese May Be Contaminated

Buffalo Mozzarella

Article amended to reflect conversation with investigating magistrate.

Today on Italian food news site NewsFood.com an article stated that 70% of Italy’s mozzarella cheese is contaminated by bacteria. The truth is that it’s too early to make such a claim – as the 70% really refers to mozzarella tested, not all of the mozzarella in Italy.

Still, while most of the bacteria in question found is not harmful, some is.

Cat’s Milk Mozzarella

In the southern Italian village of Rosaneto in the Basilicata region of Italy, they have cats, lots of them. Indeed, there are so many of these felines that the residents of Rosaneto didn’t know what to do with them. Until, that was, enterprising local entrepreneur, Franco Latitante, had a bright idea. Why not use cat’s milk to make mozzarella?

Delectable Crutin Cheese

For services rendered my other half received a rather special Christmas hamper this year. The hamper was crammed full of all sorts of Italian food goodies. One such goody was was something called Crutin.

Magical Morla Cheese

My favourite Italian cheesery, Lavialattea, has done it again. Although this time it’s not glorious Gorgonzola, but a super succulent goats milk based formaggio.

No Ordinary Chocolates

After my little trip round the Paolo Sarpi food fair in Milan last weekend, I came back home with a couple of bags of goodies, including the chocolates you can see in the picture to the left of this sentence.

Interesting Gorgonzola

A while back I wrote a post about a lovely cheese I had tried, and thanks to good old StumbleUpon and a stumbler, this post about some particularly delicious cheese seems to be getting lots of views.