Sex in Italy – A €5 Billion a Year Business

prostitution in Italy

Italian newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano recently ran an article on prostitution in Italy and elsewhere in Europe. The article contained facts and figures gleaned from Italy’s parliamentary social affairs  commission and a Transcrime study. Here’s a closer look the business of prostitution in Italy based on the facts reported by Il Fatto Quotidiano and Transcrime. […]

Milan’s Crisis Beating California Bakery

While the news from Italy these days tends to be grim with continual reports of a stodgy economy, rising unemployment, bankruptcies and a wobbly government, in the midst of such hard times some of Italy’s businesses are still managing to do very well. One such business is the California Bakery, a chain of nine up-market […]

Italy’s Employers Must Revolt, Says Young Business Leader

The 37 year old president of Italy’s association of young entrepreneurs, Jacopo Morelli, called on Italy’s employers to revolt against everything which is holding Italy back in a speech last week at the 43rd congress of Italy’s young entrepreneurs association. I caught part of Morelli’s speech and found it inspiring, but I doubt many outside […]

Equity Crowdfunding – Italy On Track to Lead the US

Italy Number 1

Yes, in view of the political chaos in Italy at present, it might be hard to believe Italy can lead anybody, but in the field of equity crowdfunding, Italy is ahead of the game and is even on track to beat the innovative USA. Italy’s progress towards creating an equity crowdfunding law caught the attention of Forbes. The […]

Video Report: Find Out How Italy’s Cashmere King is Beating the Crisis

Brunello Cucinelli, Italy’s king of cashmere is one Italian business owner who knows that treating employees well is very good for business, as you will discover from this video report by journalist Angelo van Schaik. As you will note from the interview, Brunello Cucinelli’s company grew by an impressive, crisis-beating, 15% in 2012. Watch the Brunello Cucinelli […]

Congratulations to the Pinterest Italy Team!

Pinterest pin boards

Credit where credit is due.  The Pinterest Italy three, Azzurra, Domenico and Paola where the driving force behind an initiative designed to show Italian businesses in Milan how the Pinterest photo sharing service can benefit them. All three were rather surprised at the number of people who turned up, on a Sunday evening, to hear […]

Italy’s Article 18 Woes

Italy is in turmoil at the moment.  At the root of much consternation are reforms to Italy’s labor legislation and in particular something known as Article 18. Article 18 is part of Italy’s “workers’ statute”, the body of Italian law which governs employee rights.  This article states that Italian employers must reinstate unfairly dismissed workers. Italy’s […]

Is Ducati About to be Sold to Audi?

The Italian V-Max - the 2011 Ducati Diavel

There is a rumor flying around that legendary Italian motorcycle manufacture Ducati is to be sold to German automaker Audi. If this rumor, which came via a scoop in British auto magazine Car, turns out to be true, Italy will lose yet another of its classic marques to the Volkwagen group, of which Audi is […]

More Foreign Direct Investment for Italy

In an interview he gave to Italian newspaper, Il Corriere Della Sera, Reuters reports that the US Ambassador to Italy, David Thorne, intimated that if Mario Monti is allowed to reform Italy’s labor market, it is highly likely American companies will invest in Italy. The key word is very much “if”. Thorne also observed that […]