Oops! Slight Technical Hitch – Permalinks

Oh dear. I tried to be clever and implement an SEO optimization – and as a result anyone who found a search engine result leading to my site and clicked on said link would have found a nasty 404 – page not found message. Luckily I caught on to the problem quite quickly, and I […]

I’m a Virtual MEP

A week or so ago I got an email through this blog from a certain Jonty who, I think, goes to Shrewsbury school.  Shrewsbury school, if you did not know, and those outside of the UK probably will not know, is one of England’s oldest public schools.  I should perhaps explain that ‘public’ schools in […]

New Blog Toy, and Yet More Shameless Promotion of Italy and things Italian

Thanks to the quaintly named ‘Those Were the Days‘ WordPress plugin, I have just added a new ‘Good Italian Things’ section to the left hand side of this blog. I shall add to it once I have unearthed a few nuggets from the past, but if anyone comes across something that that liked and think […]

The calm after the storm, and divine, possibly, intervention

Wow! This is a heavy week. I had a long, and quite complex, translation that needed doing asap. I did manage to finish it, but it ate up a lot of time. So much time, that I have neglected my blog, and its readers. However, this little translating experience sort of restored my faith in […]

Nice to know! Many thanks.

Since I moved Blog from Italy to its new home, I’ve been following things via my site statistics – I like these things. From the beginning of October to now my kind readers have been hanging around for an average of over 4 minutes. And I got over 2,800 page views in the same period. […]

Similar posts

A rather cool coder called Rob Marsh, who appears to be a Roman Catholic priest, wrote the excellent ‘similar posts‘ WordPress plugin that I’ve just installed. I’m still getting the hang of the thing, but the results are already looking interesting. Father Marsh obviously moves in mysterious ways. Both priest and coder. Wow! His wonderful […]

My feet

I think it may be true to say that my feet have quite a lot in common with Italy’s current bunch of politicos.

This is fun!

Since I undertook the slight transformation of my little blog, I’ve begun to change too. I suppose you could say that I am becoming a sort of (very) informal journalist. And now I find that I’m on the look out for ‘stories’ that I think will be interesting or useful to write about in my […]


I almost love some scam emails.  If they weren’t such a pest, they would make me laugh.  The title of this post refers to one such amusing, almost, piece of spam I recently received.  I mean, ‘Solenoid Industry’?!  It almost shows imagination. I guess that by referring to a specific sector they think they may […]