Tour Cesenatico With Me This Weekend

Cesenatico, Italy

Tomorrow I’m off on a blogging tour to Cesenatico, a port town on the Adriatic coast of Italy. I’ll be part of a group of a contingent of 30 non Italian bloggers who’ve been invited for a long weekend to this seaside town which happens to have a canal designed by none other than the […]

Let’s Blog Abruzzo – 1st Food & Travel Blogging Workshop

Let’s Blog Abruzzo is a 2-day blogging workshop to be held in June 2013. Set in the lovely Italian region of Abruzzo, the programme offers inspiration, information and workshops for bloggers of all levels and niches, from personal, to food and travel, plus blogging for businesses. This event offers bloggers a great opportunity for networking, develop their […]

Interviewed About Italy By the BBC Twice in One Week

Enchanting Italy

Oh this blogging life! That’s twice I’ve had a chat with BBC radio this week. First I had a chat with Roberto Perrone, an award wining Sicilian-born broadcaster and columnist who does the Mondo Italiano programme on BBC Three Counties radio. Then I was interviewed by Tony Livesy and Chris Mason of BBC Radio 5 […]

Flu Hits Blog from Italy

Well, we’re not sure if it’s really the dreaded swine flue H1N1 virus, but my other half thinks it could well be. Whatever it is, this distinctly flu-like illness, has laid all three of us low.

Surreal Legal Writing

Yes, I know it’s odd to say it, but today’s (it was still ‘today’ when I started writing this!) encounter with the advocates was a little bit on the surreal side.

Good Weekend, Bad Weekend

Ah, spring is in the air. It’s almost feeling balmy in Milan at the moment, as winter starts to drift definitively away.

New Year, New Look

A quick note: Regular visitors to my blog will know that I tend to tinker rather more than I should with the overall layout of this ‘ere blog. In keeping with my tendency towards tinkering, I’ve created a new left hand column, which is an extension of the former bottom left hand column which only magically appears on the home page.