Burnt Midnight Oil

A little while back I was asked to prepare a short two day workshop on how to write a press release in English for the Media Relations master at the business school where I often find myself. After burning copious amounts of that old midnight oil, I came up with such a course. The first […]

Blog from Italy’s Honorable Mention – Platial + Frappr 2007 awards

I got an unexpected email yesterday from Platial + Frappr yesterday telling me that the Platial Map on this here blog had been awarded an honorable mention in the Platial + Frappr 2007 awards Local Guides section. I did not even know I had been nominated! To show off this award, I’ve added a new […]

Pots Calling Kettles Black

As you may imagine, Italy is suffering from a minor bout of election fever at the moment. The general elections are just around the corner and election posters are appearing right, left, and centre. I’ve seen a couple of amusing ones, so far. First there was this lovely one from the Berlusco-Fini duo which, much […]

Disco, Disco, Music, and an Old Problem

We have a slight problem where we live in Milan. There is a sort of disco which backs onto our apartment block and the volume of the music, and in particular the bass, can get rather disturbing at times. Five times a week, on average. Still, you can probably thank the disco music for its […]

Walter Veltroni – again.

Rob, over at his interesting bi-lingual blog, Wind Rose Hotel, has written a couple of posts on Veltroni, in Italian. In the first of his posts back in June last year, Rob observed that although Veltroni is no great orator, he does appear to be an effective communicator, and is possibly good enough to counter […]

Walter Veltroni – regurgitation?

There appears to be a new kid on the block – and it is one Walter Veltroni. I thought some of my readers may like to know a little more about this leader of the newly formed Italian Partitio Democratico – Democratic Party. Veltroni a former journalist who was editor-in-chief of the Italian left leaning […]

Italy from the Inside

Whilst hunting about on Technorati, I came across this blog – Italy from the Inside, and there is some interesting stuff there. It’s also written by an Italian Microsoft employee, in English. Yet more proof that a) Italian’s go places and b) they certainly can, and do, learn English. I shall be pointing my Media […]

Using RSS – A Nice Video Explanation of How to Use RSS Feeds

This is a nice simple explanation of what RSS is. I shall be using this little video with my students. [youtube]http://youtube.com/watch?v=0klgLsSxGsU[/youtube] With thanks to the guys on the Common Craft site.And thanks to Juha Ylitalo over at his Juha Ylitalo Photography Blog for putting me onto this.

I’m a Virtual MEP

A week or so ago I got an email through this blog from a certain Jonty who, I think, goes to Shrewsbury school.  Shrewsbury school, if you did not know, and those outside of the UK probably will not know, is one of England’s oldest public schools.  I should perhaps explain that ‘public’ schools in […]