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Things are about to go a little Mad!

I’m about to start upgrading this theme, and while I’ve done quite a lot off-line, I will need to do some tinkering on-line! Still, it’s Saturday, and most people are doing things other than reading my blog! Apologies in advance for any inconvenience my interventions may cause. Alex Roe

Exclusive! Full English Breakfast in Milan, Italy!

Yes, it’s finally here! As you can see from the (not wonderful) camera phone shot I took this very evening, the full English breakfast down at the 442 pub here in wet old Milan is about to go live! Tomorrow, from midday on, this scrumptious brekkie will be ready to be ordered and eaten. And […]

Cv’s, Resumes: mug shot or not, that is the question

Many of my students at the business school where ply my language teaching trade are going through the traumatic ‘looking for an internship’ phase at the moment and one of my charges raised quite an interesting question. He asked ‘Should I include a photo with my CV?’. I’m afraid I was unable to answer this […]