Blog from Italy – Close to a Million Hits

Blog from Italy has been having some technical problems lately, and I’ve been trying to sort them out. My hosting company, which is based in the United States, has been patient with Blog from Italy’s hunger for server resources, so far.

Magazines Are Dead, Hello Web

One of Blog from Italy’s aims is to tell the world about the good things you will find in Italy. Good things like Calabria for example, where fellow blogger Cherrye runs an bed and breakfast.

New Look!

I know the old Blog from Italy look was becoming a little confused, so I decided to give it a facelift. The new theme is based on yet another Brian Gardner theme, called Revolution only I have modified it a wee bit. I say ‘yet another’ because the previous Blog from Italy theme was also […]

Good News? What Good News?

After writing recently about plenty of bad things going on in Italy at the moment, today I tried to find something a little less negative to write about. However, after trawling the ‘Italia’ section of Google News, and having seen headlines referring to knifings, murders, drug dealers, road accidents, and the Pope, I’ve concluded that […]

Out with the new, and in with the old

If you read my previous post, and one entitled ‘The Right Way?‘, you could be forgiven for thinking that Italy is on the verge of seeing something of resurgence in fascism. Well, Beppe Grillo seems to be of the same opinion, and the title of a recent post of his ‘Fascism is Coming‘, just about […]

Ego Massaging Statistics

I stand confused. I’ve got Google Analytics running on this blog, and a system provided by Quantcast, but according to these systems, I don’t really get many visitors per month. These hardy types view around 4,500 pages. Nothing special at all. I recently had a look at the Urchin 5 statistics system that comes with […]

Italy’s Trashy Trouble Worsens

The out of control rubbish situation down in Naples, which has been smouldering away since 1994, has finally landed Italy in a spot of trouble. I first wrote about this troublesome issue in my Naples and Rubbish post back in May 2007, then I mentioned it once more in January this year in my Naples […]

Too Much Tweet!

I discovered the joys of Twitter not too long ago, and I thought it might be a fun thing to use it to blast out a barrage of news from Italy updates every evening or so. Wrong! I blasted so hard with my ‘tweets’, as they are called, that someone told me that all the […]

Don’t Touch WordPress 2.5!

Having read that WordPress 2.5 was out, I was curious to see what it was like, but I had also read that there were problems. However, my curiosity got the better of me, and I went ahead and installed this new milestone release of my favourite blogging platform. Only, I installed WordPress 2.5 on a […]