Barga – Our “Saint” Christopher

Barga in Tuscany

How many of you are familiar with, or even own, a St. Christopher pendant or medal? I do, and have always liked the image of a man carrying a child across a river. St. Christopher is the patron saint of travellers, as well as many other things, for example, sailors,ailments, floods, hailstones and transportation. It, […]

Barga’s Day of Friendship – Community Spirit in Tuscany

On May 17th, Barga’s Solidarity Week (La Settimana della Solidarieta) drew to its close; a week of varied activities to celebrate the work of the GVS (Gruppo Volontari della Solidarieta). The GVS is an association which works with people of all ages, many with disabilities. Its underlying ethos is one of friendship, sharing and inclusion, […]