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Swinging in Italy – the Perugia BigBand

I’ve always quite liked the sound of big bands, perhaps it’s because I’m oldish, but for me there’s always been something appealing about the big bands sound so I was more than happy to see the Perugia BigBand had started following Italy’s Chronicles’ @newsfromitaly persona on Twitter, along with 14,000 or so others.

Well, the first thing I do when I see a musician or band is following me is hop over to their website, blog or Facebook page to see if they are on YouTube and the Perugia BigBand is, even if the videos are actually ‘audios’ with no footage, alas. Then, of course, I’ll have a listen. I did, and I liked what I heard, and I hope you do too.

Led by Ferdinando “Nando” Roselletti, the 20 piece Perugia BigBand has a great jazzy swing sound too, as you will hear from the following YouTube, er, audios.

If you are a jazz fan, you will probably have heard of the legendary Umbria jazz festival. Umbria, it seems, has jazz in its DNA. Umbria Jazz, by the way, runs from July 5 to 14, 2013, though finding a place to stay may not be too easy. I don’t think the Perugia BigBand is performing there though.

Right, on to the big band music. First of all, here’s this track, recorded live in Nettuno in 2002 (!) with vocalist Silvia Pierucci.

I’ve Got You Under My Skin by the Perugia BigBand


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Next up for your listening pleasure is this instrumental piece:

Shiny Stockings by the Perugia BigBand


The Perugia BigBand has a blog, a Facebook page and is on Twitter too: Perugia Big Band

Whether you can hire them for a wedding, corporate bash or some other event I don’t know as it’s not too clear from their web presence, although I’d be surprised if you can’t ask them to play for you.

Please, Perugia BigBand, can you put a little more of your music on the www? And let us know where we can hear your dulcet tones live too? Thanks!


Italy Chronicles runs features on Italian music and Italian musicians on Tuesdays. If there’s someone Italy Chronicles should be writing about, let Alex Roe know and if he thinks they are up to scratch, he’ll write about them and add videos too.

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