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Swine Flu In Italy Update

The Italian health ministry is continuing to issue press releases to keep Italy up to date on the swine flu situation both in Italy, and around the world.  This post is based on a press release made today.

Up to now, 4 cases of swine flu have been confirmed in Italy.  One in Massa, which I mentioned in an update to the initial swine flu post, plus three cases which are being treated in hospitals in Rome.  One of the patients is at a children’s hospital in Rome, the Bambino Gesù, and is an 11 year old child who is undergoing, and responding to, treatment.

In another Roman hospital, a 16 year old is also being treated for swine flu.  In both cases, the patients have recently returned from vacations in Mexico.

The other Rome swine flu cases are being treated at the Ospedale Spallanzani in Italy’s capital.

1500 Help Line in Italy

The number of calls the telephone help line facility can cope with has been increased, and calls from those who have booked holidays in Mexico, or who have recently returned from the country are apparently, and unsurprisingly, commonplace.

Swine Flu Situation Under Control in Italy

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Stop reading, start speaking

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The television news carried reports this evening which indicated that the Italian authorities are managing to keep the swine flu situation under control so far.

Although the swine flu outbreak has not reached epedemic proportions in Italy, precautions are continuing to be taken, and the situation is being monitored constantly .

RSS Feed for Health Ministry Press Releases

There is a RSS based news feed for those who want to follow the swine flu situation in Italy via official press releases.  These press releases are issued directly by the Health Ministry and are in Italian.  They can be subscribed to here:  Ministero della Salute – Comunicati stampa – RSS

Swine Flu Press Releases

I shall continue to monitor the press releases issued by the Italian health authorities, and will post updates from time to time, or if the situation appears to reach epedemic levels in Italy.

If anyone reading this has any questions, then just leave a comment, and I’ll do my best to help out, or will make a call to the 1500 help line number.  Note that I am in Italy, in Milan in the north of the country.

This is part of a series of updates on the swine flu situation in Italy – please see the Related Posts section below this post for more.

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