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Swine Flu in Italy – Update 4

Up to yesterday afternoon, 16th June, and including 5 new cases,  a total of 72 confirmed cases of swine flu have occurred in Italy.

All of the most recent swine flu cases concern people returning from trips to the United States of America.

Details, including the location of the victims, follow.

Recent Swine Flu Victims in Italy

The people who are undergoing treatment for swine flu, are:

  • A 43 year old man from Piedmont who recently returned from New York.
  • A 20 year old woman in Liguria who had visited California.
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The other recent three cases affect people from the Lazio region of Italy (the region within which Rome is located):

  • A man of 35 who had come into contact with a swine flu victim in the United States, and who has himself now been diagnosed as having the A/H1N1 virus.
  • A 1 year old child from Pittsburgh, who had been exposed to a suspected swine flu victim in the USA.
  • A woman of 24 who recently came back to Italy after a trip to New York.

All of the above are undergoing treatment, and many are being treated in isolation in their own homes.

This is the fourth update on the swine flu situation in Italy on Blog from Italy.  Please see the previous posts for further information – simply click on the ‘swine flu’ tag at the top of this post to see a list of the other posts.


Italian Health Ministry press release 16th June, 2009 – link to a .rtf text file in Italian: Comunicato n. 282

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