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Summer Hols 2007, part 2.

On another day of our Tuscan hols, and while our respective other halves relaxed, Claudio and I took the wee ones off to the Uccellina Park which was about half an hour south of us.  This park, which is an example of Mediterranean coastal woodland, is lovely.  There are plenty of walks and a sandy beach to relax on afterwards.  The beach is not organised and can get quite crowded in August, but the area is so wonderful that it is not a surprise that it attracts quite a few people.  Oh, and by the way, before heading off for the beach car park, do not forget to obtain a 4 euro parking ticket from the visitors centre in Alberese, otherwise you won’t be able to drive past the barrier.  You could walk if you are feeling tough, or cycle if you happen to have brought or hired a bike.

Before heading off for the beach side car park, we took our four year olds on a 3 hour hike around the paths near the visitors centre.  The first hike was through woodladeernd where you can see which trees are common to this zone, whereas the second walk is flatter and takes your around some parkland where you may see deer (click on the photo and see if you can spot them!) and, but don’t bank on it, wild boar.  And there are even wolves in this area according to the signs you will find along the walk.  After stopping for lunch we walked around the parkland section and we saw some fallow deer, albeit from a distance.

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The walks are not difficult, but my son was dog tired by the end, and, owing to a lack of water, I was feeling quite destroyed by the end.  Although after ice lollies and plenty of water in a little bar back in Alberese I felt fine again, so we head off for the beach.  I’ll add some photos when I get round to organising and resizing everything.

I’d love to return to this area when my son is a little older and spend a few hours doing the other walks, perhaps in a slightly cooler period of the year.  Lovely area.

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