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Summer Arrives with a Bang in Italy

Technically, summer has not yet started in Italy, only it has. Summer pounced on Italy a little over a week ago and the transition from cool to sweltering took a matter of days. The transformation really was phenomenally rapid.

A mere week into summer and temperatures have already been soaring towards 40°c in some parts of Italy. Milan, where I live, feels as hot as it does in late July. In short, summer 2014 in Italy has kicked off with a heat wave.

Ice cream sales will be soaring; indeed, after I picked up my son from summer camp this week, we headed to one of our local ice cream shops and there was a queue inside and a sizable group of children and parents slurping away on all manner of flavours of ice cream.

It's ice cream time in Italy!
It’s ice cream time in Italy!

Storms Ahead?

This weekend, storms and even tornados have been widely predicted, though aside from a little rain here in Milan and a drop or two in Florence, so far, the feared storms have not yet appeared. The sky in Rome, which I’ve seen via photos on Twitter, looks rather threatening at the moment, though.

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

Temperatures are supposed to drop by as much as 10°C too, but it’s still roasting here in Milan.

A few moments ago, I heard thunder rumbling, so the storm may be about to begin. We’ll soon see, or hear.

Keeping the Heat at Bay

Still, despite the heat, who’s complaining about summer’s early arrival? Certainly not me, well, not just yet anyway. Oh, I’ve been moaning a little, but a quick ice cream, coffee shakerato or an icy granita usually sorts me out.

Caffe Shakerato
An Italian Caffe Shakerato

Summer in Italy this year, if it keeps up like this, may well be hot!

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