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Subsonica – New Album Coming Up

Acclaimed multi-award winning Italian band from Turin Subsonica have been around since 1996 and their dance rock sound has become very popular in Italy.

Subsonica have not been too active recently. The band last released an album in 2011 and Subsonica’s most recent concert took place back in late 2012. Not much tour-wise is happening in the Subsonica world in 2013. However, the band’s members are hovering around in the social media world and the Subsonica Facebook page is updated quite frequently. Members of the band pop up playing with other bands quite often too.

On the 15 July, the band announced on Facebook and Twitter that work on a new album would begin this September. It’s not clear when the new album will be released. Maybe late 2013 or at some time in 2014.

In the meantime, here are a couple of Subsonica tracks for you to listen to.

Subsonica – Nuova Ossessione

Nuova Ossessione has an interesting video and dance sound, or at least I think so. This video has been viewed nearly 1.8 million times on YouTube.


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Next up is this:

Subsonica – Tutti I Miei Sbagli

Seen more than 2.7 million times on YouTube, this is Subsonica’s most popular YouTube track, even if personally I prefer Nuova Ossessione. To me, Titti I Miei Sbagli- All My Mistakes – seems much like run of the mill, rather samey, Italian pop.


The current Subsonica line-up is:

Subsonica has an official website and the obligatory Facebook page. Or, if you know Italian, join Subsonica’s other 75,000 Twitter followers.


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