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The UP Junior – A Stylish and Fun Children’s Chair

The timeless UP5 armchair is an icon of Italian design. Well, the adult UP5 has now given birth to the children’s chair, the bright red UP Junior, a scaled down version of the UP5.

Interior designers looking for original items for interior design projects which include children’s rooms might like to suggest the UP Junior to their clients, especially if they already own an UP5 armchair or another member of the UP range of chairs and complimentary accessories. If the looks alone don’t spark interest, then get your client’s children to sit in a UP Junior.

Actually, the UP Junior would add a nice extra touch to suites in family friendly luxury hotels – just a thought.

In the photograph below, you’ll see the UP5, it’s progeny, the children’s UP Junior version and the novel football-shaped Up6s – which are optional extras, though an UP5 or UP Junior without one won’t be as much fun – and you’ll have no foot rest.

The UP5 and the new UP Junior chairs
The UP5 and the new UP Junior chairs and a Up1

If you are not an interior designer but are considering redecorating you child’s bedroom or playroom, then the UP Junior is perhaps something you’d like to consider. The design of all UP chairs is inherently fun too.

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Perhaps you happen to own a UP5 and have children who tend to occupy your favorite seat, if so, then you can now keep the kids at bay by getting them their very own version of the Up5. It’d make a pretty cool Christmas gift for your son or daughter – and keep them away from your own ‘adult sized’ Up5 chair too. Beware though, if you have more than one child, the others may become a little jealous of their brother or sister’s cool new red chair. You might end up investing in more than one.

A UP Junior chair with child
A UP Junior chair with child

Talking of investing, if looked after, which, admittedly, may not be so easy if children are let loose on the things, design icons like UP chairs are likely to gain in value over time. Not only do they look good, they are an investment too. Why not get a couple? One for everyday use and another to put into storage, maybe. Well, these design classic chairs are regarded as works of art.

The creation of renown Italian designer Gaetano Pesce, UP chairs can be found in the collections of museums such as New York’s MoMa and Milan’s Triennale Design museum.

For more information on the Up Junior and where to buy, go here: B & B Italia – UP Junior. While you are on the B & B Italia website, do take a look at the company’s other furnishings – there are lots of interesting items there. You can find B & B Italia stores around the world with B & B Italia’s Store Locator

Note that the UP Junior is for children aged 3 or over.

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