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The April storms have arrived a little late this year. Last night a heavy downpour was preceded by a spectacular lightening show. This evening the shy has been lighting up quite often as more lightening bolts do their thing.

The storms here are quite drammatic and I rarely saw anything like them back in the UK. On more than one occasion I’ve stayed up to watch the weather do its worst. The jagged forks of blue electricity have to be seen to be believed. Before coming here I had only seen the sort of thing the sky produces here in books. Seeing the effect in real life gives it a whole new dimension, I can tell you.

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This stormy light show is often, though not always accompanied by raucous thunder claps and lashings of rain. The rain can often be described as a waterfall from the sky. It really can be seriously heavy. If you get caught without an umbrella, you get very, very wet.

These almost tropical storms cause one or two little problems in the city too. Floods abound and public transport can even grind to a halt as a result.

Even though the weather is likely to be noisy tonight, I’m pretty sure that I’ll wake up to a cloudless blue sky and somewhere in the region of 25+ degrees C tomorrow. It’s the beginning of May and a jeans are making me awfully sweaty now.

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