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Splendid Christmas Lights in Rome

A Rome Christmas Tree

Via a Tweet from hotel in Rome Autohotel, I shuffled off, virtually, to Facebook to see some photographs of Rome’s Christmas lights.

I liked the festive photos of Rome so much, I asked if I could pop a few of them here.  The Autohotel people said yes, which was nice of them, so here they are.

Christmas lights in Italy are not, generally, garish affairs and tend to enhance the already elegant and attractive shopping streets of Italy.

Here are some shots of what people doing their Christmas shopping in Rome may well come across:

A Rome Christmas Tree
A Rome Christmas Tree
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Italian Tricolour Christmas lights:

Tricolor Christmas lights in Rome, Italy
Tricolour Christmas lights in Rome, Italy

Another Roman Christmas tree:

Christmas tree in Via del Corso, Rome
Christmas tree in Via del Corso, Rome

And finally, if it weren’t for certain birth a good few years ago, we would not have Christmas:

A Christmas Light Nativity Scene in Rome, Italy
A Christmas Light Nativity Scene in Rome, Italy

Many thanks to Rome’s Autohotel for the lovely festive photos!

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