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soundSCAPE 2008, Pavia

One Bob Schneider, who runs Guitar Plus International, an organisation dedicated to promoting the use of guitar in chamber music, kindly wrote to me recently, mentioning something called soundScape, and said he liked this blog.

“soundSCAPE? What’s soundSCAPE (…and why is it written in a funny way?)”, I asked myself, and headed on over to the soundSCAPE Pavia website to find out.

Well, soundSCAPE is a festival all about promoting new music. It all started down in Tuscany as the Cortona Contemporary Music Festival, but now the soundSCAPE event has taken on a life of its own.

In the words of the festival’s organisers:

The 2008 festival offers performance studies and composition opportunities in flute, guitar, mandolin, piano, percussion, violin, and voice.The music of emerging composers is featured in open rehearsals, the Composition Colloquium, and in recorded performances. In turn, performers receive coaching from composers, complementing instruction in modern performance techniques from an internationally renowned faculty.

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If this type of musical experience takes your fancy, then you might like to drop into the soundScape Music festival which is to be held in Pavia from the 15 to the 25 July this year. Pavia is, incidentally, only about 20 minutes from Milan by train.

To find out more, and to ask where the rehearsals and performances will be held, visit the website or write to: newmusic@soundscape-pavia.com

Also, visit the Grammy Award nominated Duo 46 website, and turn on the sound, to hear examples of the kind of music that will be featured at the soundScape Pavia event. Duo 46 is an original coupling of violin and guitar, and while putting these two instruments together may sound a little odd at first, the combination produces some lovely results. Pop over, have a listen and see what you think.

Should you wish to brush up your own musical skills, then various courses will be held during the event too. If I can find the time, I might well pay the festival a visit, camera in hand, of course.

Actually, there is a musical genre is known as soundscape, and there is even a Wikipedia entry on the subject, but the soundSCAPE festival, and its music, do not appear to be related.

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