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Something Weird on Italy Chronicles.com

Weird!  For reasons unknown, Italy Chronicles was half-invisible today – Sunday, March 25th.

The site was half-invisible because I could neither see it from my desktop computer, nor access the back end of the site where posts are written, but could see the site on my Blackberry and, curiously, could write and publish from my Blackberry too.

Other readers via Twitter said they could see Italy Chronicles from their desktop computers – but not me for some time.

I thought it was only Italy Chronicles which was affected, but after whizzing around the world wide web, I discovered this site was by no means alone.

Not Only Italy Chronicles

After clicking around, I’ve discovered that my hosting service and sites hosted with the same company, such as CopyBlogger.com and Problogger.net also seemed to be suffering from a similar half-visible ailment too.

From what I understand, the hosting service which hosts my host, so to say, is Media Temple  – and their site was not visible for a while either.

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

It was not just this web site – Twitter still will not allow me to post photos.  I have no idea whether the problems are related.  Twitter has been having other little problems lately too, such as mysterious de-follows and missing direct messages.

Technical Hitch of Cyber Attack?

Was the hiccup re Italy Chronicles and other web sites merely a case of a major technical hitch or was it something more sinister such as hacking or a cyber attack?  We’ll see.

Regarding Italy Chronicles, normal service has been resumed – for now.

Thanks for your patience – the world wide web can be a weird place at times!


Alex Roe – Italy Chronicles’ publisher.

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