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Snowy, snowier

Today is the snowiest I’ve seen Milan for a good few years.  Yesterday Milan was covered in snow, today it’s got a snow duvet over it.  The silence is golden, but many will not be overly happy seeing as this is their first day back to work since the beginning of the Christmas break.

Our son returned to school today too, only he won’t be staying all day as some of the teachers have not been able to make it into Milan from the places where they live outside the city.  Trains arriving at Cadorna station are few and far between, or so I was told.  Not sure if the Malpensa Express train for the airport is doing its thing or not, or even, for that matter, if Malpensa airport is open at the moment.

And so you can see just how snowy it is,  here are some snowy images of Milan’s delightful looking snow covered Sempione Park, from yesterday.  It’s even snowier today.

Parco Sempione – January Snowfall, 2009

Tower in Parco Sempione
Snow in Milan, Italy - January 2009

Another shot of the wide boulevards in Milan’s central park

Parco Sempione Snow, Milan, Italy
Snowy Boulevards in Parco Sempione, Milan, Italy January 2009
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Stop reading, start speaking

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Yet more snow!

Snowy Parco Sempione - towards L'Arco della Pace
Snowy Parco Sempione - towards L'Arco della Pace

It’s beautiful everywhere, but those brave, or foolish, enough to try to use scooters, are not finding the going easy today.  Milan’s Smart population also seems to be have a wee bit of trouble negotiating the snow, whilst all of Milan’s many SUV owners are sporting large smug smiles!

Little Update c. 1:00pm:  The snow is still coming down, and is slowly, silently, but very surely turning parked cars into little snow hills.

I love snow!

Photos by me – Alex Roe

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