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Smoking Those Ivories – Italian Jazz Pianist Stefano Bollani

Thanks to Twitter, here are three videos showing the extraordinary talent of Italian jazz pianist Stefano Bollani.


This week’s Italian music feature will introduce you to the talent of Italian jazz pianist Stefano Bollani via three videos of him in action.

I came across Stefano Bollani thanks to a tweet by Italian conductor, Alberto Veronesi who spoke very highly of Bollani’s talents.

Time for a hop over to YouTube, I thought. I went, I saw, I listened and decided to write a little.

Bollani’s piano skills are quite well known to those beyond Italy, indeed, he was the first European musician in Japan to receive the Swing Journal’s New Star Award in 2003. Swing Journal is Japan’s most authoritative jazz publication.

Here for your listening pleasure are three videos featuring Stefano Bollani and his jazz music which ranges from mellow to bright and very lively, as you will discover.

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Bollani sure can smoke those old ivories!

Carioca Live Part 1 with Stefano Bollani


Carioca Live Part 2 with Stefano Bollani


Here’s the final video of Bollani in action, as part of with the Danish Trio at Bologna Jazz Festival in 2011:


While, it has to be said, I’m not the world’s greatest jazz fan, I have to admit that Bollani’s music had my feet tapping away. He may well have had the same effect on you!

If you’d like to know more about Bollani, visit his multilingual website: Stefano Bollani

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