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Skin Diary’s Heart of Glass Cover

skin diary

You may not have heard of the band Skin Diary, a power pop rock group which seems to be doing rather well in Berlin and has recently released a cover version of Blondie‘s classic hit Heart of Glass.

Skin Diary’s interpretation of Blondie’s song is not half bad. Well, I like it, and you might too.

What’s a band doing the Berlin gig circuit got to do with Italy? Well, one of it’s members, Pierpaolo De Luca, is Italian. Very Italian, you could say, seeing as he’s from Sicily. I’ve no idea how he ended up in Berlin in a multi-nationality rock group – I’ll ask him.

Anyway, here’s a little Italian music video, or rather, ‘music with an Italian in it’ video for you to have a listen to. Pump up that volume!

OK, ok, I admit it, Blondie is not Italian music, but De Luca is Italian and wrote me a nice email in Italian, and the video should be played on MTV in Italy, so there. And Jessica Jekyll is cute.

Skin Diary – Heart of Glass

The colourful and fun video was shot by Alon Chitayat of Tel Aviv (wonder if he used a Canon 5D Mark 2 Dslr?) and has been seen some 20,000 times on Vimeo.


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skin diary
skin diary

Skin Diary are:

A guitar man from Sicily: Pierpaolo De Luca

A Iranian Frank Zappa clone: Puya Shoary

A (yummy) blond from the frigid north: Jessica Jekyll

A pink bunny from Germany: René Flächsenhaar

Find the band on MySpace: Skin Diary – for more of their lively rock vibes.

Photo of Skin Diary from animishmish on Flickr

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